Saturday, September 25, 2010


So I had this dream and it was interesting so I thought I'd put it in story format.

The phone rang, again. I finally picked up. It was my husbands work, they said he had been badly burned and would be coming home late. It made no sense, why would he be late if her was injured, wouldn't they send him home early? He'd be okay, he had to be, I need him, the baby needs him. I put it out of my mind, and went on with my day.

About an hour had gone by, he should be home soon. I heard a noise at the door, thinking it was him, I opened it and went back to the baby. He didn't come in however, so I went back and shut the door again. The baby was making a lot of noise and crying so I went to check on her. I picked her up and cuddled her to settle her down. She just wouldn't stop crying, something had upset her. I did not find out what it had been, because at that moment I suddenly couldnt see anything, I was blind. My husband had finally gotten home, but instead of coming directly inside he yelled up to me that he was going to check on something strange he had heard in the garage. I tried to call to him to wait, something was wrong with me, "Wait, I can't see, help me." He didn't hear me so I tried to get up to follow him, the baby was still crying and wriggling in my arms. It took a bit more effort to get up then it should have and when I did, I could see again. The strange thing was the baby wasn't in my arms anymore, I must have set her down to pick myself back up. It was all so strange, I wasn't even concerned that she was no longer in my arms. I was only worried about my husband.

When I caught up to him, he was just outside the garage. A man came running out and away from him, my husband looked confused, but worried. Why had this man been in our garage, how had he gotten in there, and who was he? I tried to ask my husband what was going on, but again he didn't hear me. He should have, I was right behind him. Was he mad at me, did he think I had something to do with this guy? He continued into the garage, I was right behind him, practically on his heels, why was he ignoring me? "Honey, can you hear me, what's going on?" Again he acts as if I wasn't even there. What's going on? He continued from the garage and into the house. The baby was still crying, he ran the rest of the way into the house. So, he could hear her, but not me? When we walked into the living room I remembered what had happened. The baby was lying there, crying, still in my arms.

I was dead. That man was in my house, he had killed me.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


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